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Sample Itineraries

cruisingrajaampat wayag
RAJA AMPAT ICONIC WAYAG 10 Nights | From 3200 Euros / Person
komodo tour padar komodo viewpoint
KOMODO THE CLASSIC 5 Nights | From 1500 Euros / Person
komodo trip blue ocean
KOMODO THE COMPLETE 7 Nights | From 2100 Euros / Person

Here are some of our classic itineraries. We realized them thanks to our experience at sea. And we publish them for our readers to get a more accurate vision of what Konjo Cruising Indonesia has to offer (highlights, main activities…) in the described location. For special Indonesia cruise requests, we will personalise these itineraries to fulfil our clients’ wishes. In case of individual bookings, they will be readjusted in accordance with the schedule and the route of the vessel you selected.

Konjo Taylor-Made Itineraries

Drawing a moodboard of what would be our clients’ ideal voyage, gives us the opportunity to have a better understanding of what they are looking for. We put it together with our expertise of the archipelago, and design for them the perfect customized itinerary indonesia cruise. There are no limits to draw a route, but our imagination. We listed a few activities that can inspire you for your private yacht experience.



In the heart of the Coral Triangle

Armed with a simple mask and snorkel, sea lovers will be taken away by the Indonesian underwater fairy world. Secret sheltered bays and coves unveil some of the most beautiful coral gardens on Earth. The warm and crystal-clear shallow waters of the archipelago are bursting with life. Thousands of colorful tropical fish are hovering around, only disturbed by the noise of a sea turtle feeding on the coral. Beginners and children get filled with wonder, gazing safely at this stunning spectacle.

With the worldwide coral bleaching phenomenon, it is getting more and more difficult to enjoy this scenery in 5 meters deep. Located in the heart of the Coral Triangle, Indonesia keeps delighting the snorkellers with its multi-hued pristine coral reefs.


The highest Biodiversity on Earth

Along your swim path, your sharp-eyed snorkeling guide excels at pointing you to some incredible creatures. Ambushed moray eels and scorpionfish await ingenuous preys, while crabs and shrimps hide into large Acropora colonies. Some of you might be lucky enough to observe some endemic species like the walking shark, or some other weird animals living on the reef such as frogfish or wobbegong sharks to quote just a few.

komodo tour indonesia cruise indonesia cruise alex

Whale Sharks, Manta Rays, Dolphins and Whales

Free divers and good swimmers may be keen on drifting with the waterflow. Under their expert guide supervision, they can get a glimpse of a Napoleon coming from the depth. Giant trevallies, reef sharks and schooling barracudas are also common to spot.

Encounters with bigger sea animals could be organised for both adults and children. Swim with the elegant Manta rays, or the gentle whale sharks’ giants for the most unforgettable marine experience. With the highest marine biodiversity on earth, Indonesia is also a good place to observe sea mammals. Pods of playful dolphin, and cruising whales are regularly seen from the boat.

Trekking and Hikes

Exploring the shore

We design Indonesia cruise itineraries to give our clients, plenty of time to enjoy the coastline bounties. Hikes and treks lead our guests to some breathtaking panoramas or get them enthralled by the local fauna and flora.

Every destination has its own geologic, biologic, and cultural specificity that we want to make you discover. Paradise Birds, Komodo dragons, crumbling former Dutch or Spanish fortress, or villages with both minaret and Christian church towers, are all an allegory of the Indonesian identity. This distinctive feature is perfectly resumed by the Indonesian national motto: “A Unity in Diversity”.


Discover the Indonesian Sea Tribes

Wandering around traditional villages, followed by a welcoming group of kids, provides a unique inter-cultural experience. Our guests get to see the local fishermen’s lifestyle. By meeting the Bajau sea gypsies or the Button’s coast traders, they break into some ancestral sea tribes’ traditions.

A voyage aboard a Phinisi, in a far-flung area, is also an utter immersion into the Indonesian maritime culture. Papuan people swapping coconut for fuel aboard their long canoes, Lombok fishermen’s outriggers armed with short sails, or Bandanese Kura-Kura racers are all emphasizing the archipelago’s sea world diversity.

With you chartering a boat, Konjo Cruising Indonesia can design the best indonesia cruise itinerary, more focused on the littoral exploration or the cultural interaction. Reaching a faraway traditional village, or a looming volcano would sometimes need a night over, out of the beaten path.

indonesia cruise cruising raja ampat paradisebirds trekking rainforest indonesia cruise raja ampat view point wayag tour indonesia cruise komodo indonesia cruise cruising indonesia sulawesi wakatobi bajo tribe villagetour

Paddle | Kayak

Each of our selected yachts features stand-up paddle boards, or Kayaks. Venturing the surroundings of the mooring area without any noise, is the best way to get into the wild. Only the screeching birds break this endless silence. A pure otherworldly getaway. Paddling around mazes of untouched mangroves, peaceful hidden lagoons or sheltered bays and coves is taking you out of time.

We can organize kayak-focused cruises on demand for some special charters request. Getting the expert guidance of a professional is the best way to reach the ultimate kayak experience.

Relax and Indulge


Doing nothing is already an experience by itself. Living at sea is the best way to forget all the pressures and inconveniences related a to busy everyday life. Slowing down the rhythm is a luxury nowadays, and a voyage is the perfect moment to relax and indulge. Spending a whole day on a private beach, surrounded by a stunning landscape can make a whole journey sometimes. Playing a nice guitar tune, reading a good book or simply listening to the silence of the pure wilderness is truly enjoyable.



Your voyage is also a travel into the Indonesian Cuisine and its tastes and savours. Discover some specials HERE.



Conducive to yoga and meditation, being at sea is a call to let go. The best place for an inner journey and introspection, a voyage could be the opportunity to get back to your deeper feelings. We can organize Yoga charters on demand.


Spa and Well-Being

A voyage could also be a good opportunity for a Detox retreat. A Healthy and well-balanced diet could be provided by the crew on demand. With numerous Spa, Bali is one of the world epicentres of the well-being culture. Some of our partners are channelling this spirit by proposing Balinese massage and various body treatments on board.

Sample Itinerary

Here are some classic itineraries we realized thanks to our experience at sea. We published them in order for our readers to get a more accurate vision of the highlights, and the main activities of the described location. In case of individual bookings, they will be readjusted by the cruise director of your selected vessel. For special charter requests, we personalize Indonesia cruise itineraries to our clients’ wishes.

cruisingrajaampat wayag
RAJA AMPAT ICONIC WAYAG 10 Nights | From 3200 Euros / Person
komodo tour padar komodo viewpoint
KOMODO THE CLASSIC 5 Nights | From 1500 Euros / Person
komodo trip blue ocean
KOMODO THE COMPLETE 7 Nights | From 2100 Euros / Person