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The Ultimate Surfing Experience

Escape the Crowd

Indonesia is packed with world class waves. Famous for its perfect line-ups, the archipelago attracts thousands of riders, and numerous pro-surfers every year. Uluwatu or Padang Padang, located on the south western tip of the Bukit peninsula of Bali, are acclaimed as some of the best surf spots of the planet. This worldwide success has unfortunately some consequences. Most of the best surf spots in Bali are crowded, and the feeling of living a very special experience has disappeared for a long time. It pushed the pioneers to explore new areas, excited by the endless possibilities yet to be explored.


Aboard a Indonesian Phinisi Vessel

These beautiful wooden vessels are providing all the modern equipment you can expect nowadays, with this typical local sailing boat touch. Hosting only small groups for more intimacy and exclusivity, our reliable partners are long time surf operators in Indonesia. They all have a professional crew providing a skilled supervision, for you to surf in the safest way.

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The Art of Chasing Waves

Being on a boat gives amazing flexibility to chase the waves. Your captain will always try to provide you the Surfing Liveaboard trip of a lifetime. With his knowledge of the area, he analyses the charts to predict where and when the best surf session will take place. By being on a boat, you give yourself the best chance to be at the right place when the swell comes in.


Through a Perfect Logistic

Added to an optimal logistic, you’ll be the first one to reach the waves before any other surfers start gathering on the line-up. No need to rent a small boat every day to bring you to the surf spots, as you’ll be whisked away at dawn with one of the dinghies. And if you get bothered by an overcrowded wave in the Mentawai or in Lombok, just rely on your expert guide to take you to his secret spot.

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Surf, Eat, Sleep and Repeat

Reconnect with yourself by sharing your passion with your friends. Soak up the wilderness, indulge being back to the original surfing lifestyle. Surf, eat, sleep and repeat. Wake up every day in front of a new spot and improve your skills by reading new breaks, and experimenting different kind of waves and reefs. Get stocked being alone with your friends on a World Class wave line up.


Surfing Session Interval Activities

When the swell is getting less consistent, surfers still have access to many other activities. Jumping from the boat to have a swim, wandering the paddle out, taking a stroll in some traditional villages, or hiking to a close waterfall. Spare fishers could get dropped by the dinghy to a nice reef, and celebrate the catch of the day by relishing an unforgettable sashimi lunch.

Landmark Cruises

Our classic Surfing Liveaboard routes bring you to ride the most famous waves of the Mentawai or Nusa Tenggara (Lombok | Sumbawa) and some more secret gems of the area. Lesser known and crowded than Bali, are our epic landmark cruises. They will satisfy surfers from any level and are a good way to experiment with the onboard lifestyle.

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Best season: Between March and November

Most famous surf spots : Rifle, Lance’s right, Green Bush, Macaronis

Duration : 10 nights.

The Mentawai archipelago get hit by the consistent swell of the Indian Ocean. Its smooth and long shoulder waves are renowned to be perfect. It offers a countless number of surfing breaks, transforming the area into a Surfing Liveaboard paradise. You won’t be alone riding the waves, but surfing the Mentawai should be on your bucket list.

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Best season : Between June and December

Most famous surf spots : Scar reef, Lakey Peak, Yo Yo’s, Desert Point, Laceration

The other Original surfing cruises of the country. Featuring some of the best waves of Indonesia, this area used to be the last frontier for the surfing pioneers. Now accommodations and surf camps are providing land-based surf trip, and the area is getting more and more crowded every year. However it is still amazing to surf. Easy to reach, it suits every kind of surfers and make a perfect first surfing liveaboard experience.

Get off the Grip

For the most adventurous, get off the grip to surf the far-flung waves of the Eastern Indonesian Archipelago. Indulge yourself surfing in the wild, and chasing the empty line-ups of Sumba, West Papua or North Maluku. Get back to the original surfing spirit with your best friends by exploring uncharted five stars pumping breaks. The ultimate way to reconnect with the elements, far away from any modern life’s pressure.


Best season : From December to March

Most famous surf spots: Buho-Buho, Bere-Bere, Serenade. 

This area will become some of the hotspot for surfers in Indonesia. The Location is quite remote and only the real enthusiasts have the motivation to reach its hidden breaks. All the Northern part of Halmahera is exposed to the Pacific Ocean swell. From the North West to the East of the island, many spots await you. Let us guide you around this hidden gem we have been lucky enough to discover.


Best Season : Octobre- Novembre or April-May

Most famous Surf spots : Miller’s Right, Mengkudu, Nihiwatu, Pero.

Sumba is one of the most mysterious islands of Indonesia. Sumbanese tribes have been keeping their traditions alive. Worship at the altar of horses, they keep living in some unique architecture village, fringed by megaliths and ancient carvings. Its southern and western coasts offer numerous surf spots overlooked by towering karstic cliffs. The swell is often consistent in Sumba giving heavy and long shoulder waves.


Best Season : Octobre- Novembre or April-May

Most famous Surf spots : T-Land, Raijua, Miller’s right, Mengkudu, Nihiwatu, Pero.

This cruise is probably the ultimate surfing cruise in Nusa Tengarra, and can be done both ways by choosing the right season. Departing from Sumba, you will first surf all the best spots of the wild island. On the way to Rote, you will be lucky enough to explore the lesser known waves of Raijua and Savu. Arriving in the Nemberala area, we could chill a few more days in this little paradise after the cruise. There are many good accommodations we can recommend you, whether you would like to stay after the cruise and keep on surfing the best waves of the T-Land.