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Embarking on a shared cabin cruise is the perfect way to explore Indonesia. You can share a boat with other travellers while enjoying your own private cabin or a berth in a shared cabin. This budget-friendly alternative to a private charter lets you experience the stunning archipelago without the expense of renting an entire boat. Ideal for solo travellers, couples, and small groups of friends.

Why Choose a Cabin Cruise in Indonesia?

Shared Cruise: Camaraderie and Connections

Enjoy a shared cabin cruise and connect with other maritime adventure enthusiasts. Whether you’re on a diving, snorkeling, or surfing cruise, embark on a journey where every day brings new friendships and unique experiences.

Per-Person Booking: Affordable and Accessible

Choose the perfect boat for your Indonesian cabin cruise and enjoy top-quality services and breath-taking landscapes without the need for a private charter. Book your private cabin or a berth in a shared cabin today.

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Cabin Cruise: Access to Indonesia remote islands

A cabin cruise grants you access to exclusive locations and the most remote landscapes of Indonesia. Many breathtaking islands are accessible only by boat. Enjoy the beauty of the Indonesian archipelago with the comfort of a well-equipped cabin cruise vessel. Undeniably, a liveaboard is the best way to explore the stunning islands of Indonesia.

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Ultimate getaway for solo travelers or Couples

Embark on a maritime experience aboard a boat for the ultimate getaway. Away from everyday worries, you’ll feel a sense of unmatched freedom, rocked by the waves. Enjoy the salty air, breath-taking sunsets, and vibrant marine life, creating a serene and revitalizing atmosphere. Each moment on the water beckons contemplation and adventure, making your cruise a truly unforgettable escape.

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Indonesian Pinisi and Cultural Immersion

Traditional Pinisi boats showcase local craftsmanship and provide an authentic dive into Indonesia’s maritime culture. Experience enriching encounters with Indonesian maritime traditions and warm hospitality from sailors. Some boats prioritize passenger privacy, while others encourage interaction with the crew, fostering a deeper cultural exchange.


Cabin cruise Indonesia: its limitations

Adapting to a Pre-defined Program

Opting for a shared cabin cruise in Indonesia entails accepting some rigidity in terms of itinerary, cruise duration, and activities. You’ll need to follow the relatively predetermined program set by the cruise director. It’s essential to accommodate the preferences and profiles of all passengers. Keep in mind, the ultimate customized cruise experience remains with a private charter.

Finding the perfect formula to meet all your requirements is not guaranteed. Some compromises may be necessary, especially when booking last minute.


Avoid Last-Minute Bookings

We strongly advise booking at least a year in advance to take advantage of “early bird” rates and optimize your choice of boat. Waiting until the last minute is not recommended, as the best value-for-money boats are typically already booked.


Our Diving Liveaboard Expeditions

Konjo cruising indonesia konjo diving expedition off the beaten path Cabin cruise Indonesia Konjo remote liveaboard expedition underwater diving cruise

Off-the-Beaten-Path Cabin Cruise in Indonesia

If you’re a diver looking to explore Indonesia off the beaten path, join our Konjo diving expeditions, available for cabin reservation. We offer numerous shore excursions, opportunities to admire the surrounding nature, and experiences to discover the local way of life.


Konjo-Led Diving Expedition

A Konjo leader accompanies you on board, sharing their expertise of the region. They ensure your pre-defined expectations are met, in coordination with our booking team. Our commitment is to assist you from our initial contact through to the completion of your cruise.

Coraux mous rouges et récifs spectaculaires lors d'une croisière plongée Sud Komodo SOUTH KOMODO DIVING LIVEABOARD Dive Komodo differently 04th to 11th December 2024 | 3000 USD/Pers croisière plongée Raja Ampat Halmahera THE NORTH MALUKU EXPERIENCE RAJA AMPAT | HALMAHERA 04th May to 16 May 2025 | 5760$/ Pers top hammerhead shark diving konjo cruising indonesia cruise Ring of Fire Liveaboard scuba yacht charter THE HAMMERHEADS EXPERIENCE ALOR - AMBON | THE RING OF FIRE 29th Sept- 11th Oct 2025 | 5400 Euros / Person

Cabin Cruise Indonesia: Booking Process

For More Information or to Book Your Next Adventure, Reach Out

To learn more or to book your next adventure, get in touch with us. Send us an email, chat with us live, or schedule a call to discuss your requirements in detail. We’ll establish pricing, availability, and expectations regarding boat comfort and available activities.

Our Indonesia cabin cruise expert begins their search by considering your criteria and expectations to provide you with the best possible offer.

We offer several options for boats and cabins with comprehensive quotes including rates, dates, cruise duration, and inclusions/exclusions. After approving the quote, we secure a reservation for the boat.

An invoice is issued, and an initial deposit is required to confirm your reservation. The final balance is due two to three months before departure. We’ll send you a registration form and provide ongoing post-sale support to answer all your questions.

We connect you with the boat manager who will oversee your check-in and check-out under our supervision. We accompany you from your first steps in Indonesia.

After your cruise, we’ll send you a satisfaction survey to gather your feedback and improve our services.