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5 Nights

Komodo tour perfect for travelers who don’t want to spend their all holidays aboard a Phinisi vessel, this itinerary is a great classic. You’ll navigate between the North and the center of the Park, making short navigation your first choice. Being often convenient for a family with young kids, it offers a great change of scene from Bali. Our clients discover the most famous spots of Komodo, following a slow leisure pace. You won’t be alone on site as all the locations described here are quite popular. We provide you a special itinerary is you aim to avoid the relative crowd.


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komodo tour indonesia cruise

Day 1 | On the way to the National Park

Navigation: 2 hours | 12 miles

Our guide is picking you up at your hotel, or directly to the airport. We host you onboard, and make sure you feel at home as soon as you step on the vessel. A welcome drink will be offer to you, while displaying a quick briefing about security on board. Your Phinisi will then set course for the Sabayor island.

A first swim into the pristine waters of Sabayor Kecil makes a good appetizer. Let you tempted into venturing a hike along the Sabayor Besar trails. Energic people must get inspired by the panorama, enhanced by the changing light.

Overnight anchored in Sabayor.

Gili Lawa

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Day 2 | Epic snorkelling and Smoking Volcano

Navigation: 2 Hours | 13 Miles

The first-morning Komodo tour in the National Park will be spent anchored in Cristal Bay, North of Gili Lawa Darat. Both adults and children get mesmerized watching this underwater wonder. Hundreds of tropical fish are hoovering along boulders and table coral, while hawksbill sea turtles are feeding on some soft coral. Under supervision, drift through the Cauldron channel displays pelagic action and elegant manta rays.

In the afternoon, a trek up to the legendary lookout of Gili Lawa Darat, rewards you with a sublime panorama. Unveiling the extraordinary shape of the island, it gives a perfect view of the Sangeang Volcano as well. Rising at the horizon, its smoking crater distills his magnificence through unforgettable sunsets.

Overnight anchored in Gili Lawa Darat.

Karang Makassar

komodo trip blue ocean

Day 3 | Manta Rays and turquoise-hued waters

Navigation: 3 hours | 18 miles.

Your Phinisi set sails to Karang Makassar. The electric blue diffused by the deeper part of the Linta strait, highly contrast with the turquoise-hued shallow waters of Karang Makassar. Conducive to endless bath, they have for backdrop the rugged hills of the Komodo Island.

Underwater, those reefs attract a large population of Manta rays. Filtering the rich waters to feed on the drifted plankton, they also adopted few rocks as cleaning station. Cleaner wrasses and butterflyfish help them to get rid of their parasites in a nice like-to-like process. Supervised by your expert guide, you’ll let you drift along this reef, in search of those beauties.

Overnight anchored in Padar.


komodo tour padar komodo viewpoint

Day 4 | An Iconic Island

Navigation: 2 hours | 10 miles

Waking up in this scenery is breath-taking. An early walk to reach the Padar lookout gives you the opportunity to realise in which paradise you are. Your vessel will then navigate along the western coast of the island in a really pleasant navigation. The coastline landscape, made of steep hills and sharped rocks is outstanding. Eventually reaching the northern part of the island, our guests get completely awe-struck by the pink beaches of Padar. Snorkelling, swimming and taking a stroll along those amazing beaches, will keep our guests delighted for the rest of the day.

Overnight in Padar.

Loh Buaya

Day 5 | Komodo Dragon and flying foxes

Navigation: 2 hours | 10 miles

Loh Buaya is one of the ranger stations open to visitors in Rinca. Its scares source of water, shaded by a tiny forest, attracts a large scale of fauna. Wandering wild deers, water buffalos, wild pigs and long-tail macaques makes a fantastic reserve of food for the Komodo dragons.

This wild safari is attracting a growing number of visitors every year. Getting close to the Apex predator is always something special. Few o giant lizard are often lying under the ranger kitchen, smelling the food and ambushing for the leftovers. A short trek along the trails of the station is a good way to venture around, leaded by a ranger. You might be lucky to see the a Komodo dragon walking across the trail, or a vigilant female watching over her nest.

You last Komodo tour sunset in the park is to be unique as you blink at the take-off of thousand flying foxes above the mangrove island of Kalong.

Overnight anchored in Labuan Bajo.