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Indeed, a scuba diving Liveaboard in Indonesia is the best way to enjoy the magnificient reefs of the archipelago. Encompassing up to 13.500 islands, Indonesia displays an endless possibility of itineraries, and the highest marine biodiversity on Earth. Mostly only reachable by boat, this underwater paradise raises as one of the best scuba diving liveaboard destinations in the world. 

Upcoming Konjo Scuba Diving Liveaboard

Coraux mous rouges et récifs spectaculaires lors d'une croisière plongée Sud Komodo SOUTH KOMODO DIVING LIVEABOARD Dive Komodo differently 04th to 11th December 2024 | 3000 USD/Pers croisière plongée Raja Ampat Halmahera THE NORTH MALUKU EXPERIENCE RAJA AMPAT | HALMAHERA 04th May to 16 May 2025 | 5760$/ Pers top hammerhead shark diving konjo cruising indonesia cruise Ring of Fire Liveaboard scuba yacht charter THE HAMMERHEADS EXPERIENCE ALOR - AMBON | THE RING OF FIRE 29th Sept- 11th Oct 2025 | 5400 Euros / Person

The Konjo Liveaboard Experience

Off the beaten path diving cruises in Indonesia: Sulawesi, Banda Sea, Halmahera, Triton Bay ou Cendrawasih Bay.

Those routes will definitely seduce returning guests or more adventurous divers. They also offer the guarantee of being alone on site, and some very special marine interaction experience like scuba diving with the whale sharks, or schooling Hammerheads.


Escorted Set-up-date Scuba Diving Cruises

We are specialized in leading our own scuba diving liveaboard cruises, assisted by expert local guides. Meticulously selecting the right timing of the year and some 5-stars dive sites, we provide our guests with the best underwater experience. Those set-up-date departures are designed for individual and small group travellers. Guaranteed from 6 to 8 passengers, they can host a maximum of 12 guests.

Scuba diving charters | Taylor made Itineraries

On special group charter requests, we make you discover the scuba diving destination of your choice. We advise you on the right timing, and the more relevant vessel for this location. In order to bring you to the best dive sites in Indonesia under the best possible condition.

On the other hand, Indonesian islands stimulate our imagination to design taylor-made route and bespoke travel for our clients. Nusa Tenggara, Sulawesi, Moluccas, and West Papua can be explored through multiple diving itinerary. We do personalize scuba diving charters to our clients’ wishes, and lead you to the most uncharted scuba diving destinations.


Diving Indonesia Off the Beaten Path

In the past few years, Komodo and Raja Ampat have been promoted as must dive destinations in the archipelago, and are getting more and more popular. With its 14.000 Islands, Indonesia still has hidden gems to offer to some more adventurous scuba divers. Channelling an exploratory spirit, Konjo Cruising takes pride in offering the opportunity to dive uncharted dive sites, and more exclusive locations.


Best Snorkelling in Indonesia

Even though these expeditions are more focused on scuba diving, non-divers (but sea lovers) are more than welcome to join. Our yacht partners have 2 tenders, and at least 2 permanent guides onboard. Therefore, we can easily set up some snorkeling sessions, explore the littoral, or visit some local villages, while scuba divers are underwater.


Scuba diving Liveaboard Indonesia

Dive, Eat, Sleep and Repeat

Your best restaurant, favourite dive center and perfect hotel are all gathered on a scuba diving liveaboard vessel. Each Indonesian diving boat Konjo is working with, provides the best services. Meals are delicious and plentiful, and your room cleaned and tied up every day. The Indonesian warm and welcoming spirit is delivered onboard with smiles and friendliness. You will have nothing to worry about but truly devote yourself to your passion. Diving, eating, sleeping and repeating it every day will be your motto for a whole length of your Scuba Diving Liveaboard.

Croisières en Indonésie

Best Scuba Diving Services in Indonesia

A special attention is made by the cruise director to maintain the boat diving safety and the international health protocols standards. In the meantime, he/she designs functional groups following participants level and air consumption. Also in charge of the planification of the dives, he/she makes sure you get each dive sites at their best with a great surface supervision.

Your devoted boat crew carry your tank before and after each dive. Underwater, your sharped-eyes local divemasters excel in spotting incredible critters at every dive. They are used to lead experienced divers, with an average dive ratio of 1 guide for 4 divers.

The Scuba diving liveaboard community

Surface intervals are dedicated to identify critters and marine fauna using the onboard Indonesian fish ID books. Divers log their dives every day around the table, going through their scuba experience of the day again. In the meantime, underwater photographers and underwater videographers edit and share their best shots and footages. Chats about present, past and future diving experiences and travels, are parts of every friendly lunch and diner. Be part of this global network of enthusiast scuba diving liveaboards addicts.

The Indonesian diving boat

Embarking on a traditional Indonesian wooden sailing boat is an experience by itself. Named Pinisi, those vessels are still channelling the Indonesian original spirit. This local specificity provides a unique charm to your dive cruise. Indonesian liveaboards bring together the class of a wooden sailing boat, with the efficiency of the modern diving liveaboard engineering.

Upcoming Konjo Liveaboard Expedition

Coraux mous rouges et récifs spectaculaires lors d'une croisière plongée Sud Komodo SOUTH KOMODO DIVING LIVEABOARD Dive Komodo differently 04th to 11th December 2024 | 3000 USD/Pers croisière plongée Raja Ampat Halmahera THE NORTH MALUKU EXPERIENCE RAJA AMPAT | HALMAHERA 04th May to 16 May 2025 | 5760$/ Pers top hammerhead shark diving konjo cruising indonesia cruise Ring of Fire Liveaboard scuba yacht charter THE HAMMERHEADS EXPERIENCE ALOR - AMBON | THE RING OF FIRE 29th Sept- 11th Oct 2025 | 5400 Euros / Person

Frequently Asked Questions

Diving all year long on Liveaboards in Indonesia

Liveaboards are migrating following the season of the winds . The eastern and southern wind monsoon appears from June to September, whereas the western and northern wind are blowing from December to March.

In the middle of these periods, a windbreak allows the vessels to move to their next destination. This window offers a unique opportunity to do some island hopping, and reach this divers’ paradise lost.

You can join a diving liveaboard all year long in Indonesia. CONTACT US to choose the right timing to visit the area you are interested in.

Scuba diving gears

Every boats are renting all scuba diving gear, which could be a good way to travel light and easy. But experienced divers love to dive with their own gears. Bring at least a correct exposure suit (an average 28 degrees water temperature in Indonesia), a proper mask, and your dive computer.


Chargers and batteries/Camera gears/storage devices

Double check you have all you need when packing. There is nothing worst than realizing too late that you forgot an essentiel piece to enjoy your trip. Think about keeping track of your chargers by marking it somehow. Divers have same underwater gears sometimes. Both large memory cards and an external hard drive are also advisable, as you don’y want to run out of space. A computer is a good thing to bring too if you want to edit your footages, or pictures and watch a movie in your cabin to relax.

For the rest, as liveaboards are operating in remote areas bring your little things that can make your daily life easier and happy.


Comfy clothes

but don’t overpack as the storage is often limited on a boat. Weather is mostly warm and the atmosphere chill. A light rain coat/windbreaker, a hooded, a short and some sneakers for land excursions must be taken for your trip. You will go barefoot onboard, but flipflop are always good to have for short walks.

. A beanie is important to protect your ears from the wind and dry them after each dive.


Divers Accessories

Some good sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun reflection is highly recommanded.

. Ear plugs to avoid engine noise from generators and navigation nights,  an Eye Mask could be useful for some of you.

. The special food and drinks you like the most. Everything is provided on board, but having your little special extra is always a good thing. Alcoholic beverages are often more expensive on the boat also, and your favourite rhum may not be available onboard.

. Reef safe sunscreen. To protect yourself from the sun, and the reef from the harmful chemical (like oxybenzone).

. A headlight and some earphones are easy to bring, and may be useful if you want to read or listen to some music in your cabin without disturbing your room mate.


What medecine to bring on a scuba diving liveaboard trip?

Liveaboards always have a good medecine cupboard. But if you want to bring your own, bring the essentials like eardrops for ear infection, paracetamol and amoxicilline. In case of small cuts, bringing few plasters and some antibiotic cream could be a good idea as infection can get worst quikly in equatorial areas. A mosquito repellent is useful during your land excursions.

Most of the time, yes. Depending of the composition of the guests group, the destination, and the instructors availability, and the course itself, some boats would rather like you to take your course before the cruise.

Can I go on a dive cruise as a Padi Open water diver?

Most of the boats accept any kind of diving level on their vessel, but each of them have her own policy. In general, the onboard cruise director composes groups level, which allows everybody to enjoy underwater. But for some of them, an advanced diver certification is needed, and a minimum amount of logged dives. Other liveaboard will accept participants with an open water and 5 logged dives. Snorkelers are always welcome to join the trip, which give them a good opportunity to try scuba diving!

Most of our diving boat partners offer it to their guests. They are using 2 kind of technics. One is the Nitrox membrane, which allows an unlimited filling of Nitrox tanks. Some others use O2 Tanks to enriched the compressed air. It can limit the amount of Nitrox tanks available in case of a long cruise. Book your dive trip in advance to make sure you get a full-board Nitrox formula.