The flavor of the onboard fusion cooking is a real delight. The Chef and his sous-chef are getting out of their way to serve you their best meal every day. Delicious Indonesian speciality are made from a spices’ mixture (Bumbu) delivering a fresh and suave aroma. Ginger, Galanga, Kemiri, lime basil, nutmeg, cinnamon or cloves are lightly brightening up the meals. A fine gourmet travel into the Spices islands. The crew always keeping in mind the westerner customers taste for their own culinary comfort.

Discover The Specials

Discover the traditional Indonesian recipe like the tasty Beef Rendang, the goat and chicken Sate (with its legendary peanut sauce), or the original Gado-Gado. Let you seduced by the iconic Mie goreng or Nasi goreng, cooked with love in a wok.

Vegetables and greens, served in the crunchy Asian way, are proposed at every meal. They wear some exotic names like Chap chay, Cah Kangkung, Chai sin or Pak Choy. A real delight.

Asian cooking is always balanced with some more classic western meal. Pizza, quiche, fish and chips, or pasta are regularly proposed to the guests.

Breakfasts are delicious and generous. They are always served with fresh juice, granola and tropical fruits. Eggs are cooked at your taste, followed by the classic fried bacon. Home-made bread, pancake and cakes are cooked every day. Let you tempted by the specials, like the deliciously unhealthy Pisang goreng (fried Banana).

A festival of colours, flavours and aroma which will not let you unmoved.