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7 Nights


7 nights | Leisure and Discovery

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komodo trip kelor

Day 1 | On the way to the Wild South.

Total navigation: 5 hours | 30 miles

Our guide is picking you up at your hotel, or directly to the airport. We host you onboard, and make sure you feel at home as soon as you step on the vessel. A welcome drink will be offer to you, while displaying a quick briefing about security on board. Your Komodo trip Phinisi will then set course for Kelor for you to have a swim. Your vessel will keep navigated to reach the Horseshoe bay, in the south Rinca.

Overnight anchored in Nusa Kode.

Nusa Kodé

Komodo dragon on the beach Nusa Kode South Rinca cruising komodo South komodo liveaboard Konjo cruising expedition flores

Jour 2 | A Day at the World’s end

Total Navigation: 3 hours | 15 miles

The Horseshoe Bay displays the best wild life interaction in the whole Komodo National Park. Our Guests get to see the Komodo dragon in their natural environment, far away from any touristic ranger station. Numerous giant primeval reptiles are wandering freely on the beach, aside with wild boars and long-tail macaques. As your tender is getting closer from the shore, threatening dribble varans enter into the water. With wild sea eagles soaring and screeching above your head, the onlookers feel like being part of a National Geographic documentary. An unforgettable spectacle.

Navigation for Padar.


treking Padar view point cruising Komodo national park Liveaboard Scuba diving Expedition Konjo

Day 3 | An Iconic Island

Waking up in this scenery is breath-taking. An early walk to reach the Padar lookout gives you the opportunity to realise in which paradise you are. Your vessel will then navigate along the western coast of the island in a really pleasant navigation. The coastline landscape, made of steep hills and sharped rocks is outstanding. Eventually reaching the northern part of the island, our guests get completely awe-struck by the pink beaches of Padar. Snorkelling, swimming and taking a stroll along those amazing beaches, will keep our guests delighted for the rest of the day.

Overnight in Padar.

Karang Makassar

komodo trip Hammerhead Shark Diving Stingray

Day 4 | Manta Rays and turquoise-hued waters

Navigation: 3 hours | 18 miles.

Your Phinisi set sails to Karang Makassar. The electric blue diffused by the deeper part of the Linta strait, highly contrast with the turquoise-hued shallow waters of Karang Makassar. Conducive to endless bath, they have for backdrop the rugged hills of the Komodo Island.

Underwater, those reefs attract a large population of Manta rays. Filtering the rich waters to feed on the drifted plankton, they also adopted few rocks as cleaning station. Cleaner wrasses and butterfly fish help them to get rid of their parasites in a nice like-to-like process. Supervised by your expert guide, you’ll let you drift along this reef, in search of those beauties. In the afternoon, a trek up to the legendary lookout of Gili Lawa Darat, rewards you with a sublime panorama.

Overnight anchored in Gili Lawa Darat.



Day 5 | Smoking Volcano and deserted island

Navigation: 3 hours | 18 miles

Banta is located in the northern part of the Sape Strait. Separating the Island of Sumbawa and Komodo, this deserted island is a true haven. Far from the main touristic attractions, its long white sandy beaches are perfect to take a stroll, have an endless bath. Manta rays are commonly seen around, and quite easy to observe.

Let you tempted by a hike to the top of the hills at the end of the day. Overlooking the dramatic landscape, you’ll get the best venture point to see the sun slowly falling into the sea, aside the majestic Sangeang Volcano.

 Overnight anchored in Banta.


banta island

Day 6 | Komodo Dragons and pristine waters

Navigation: 4,5 hours | 27 miles

Far away from Labuan Bajo, this area is poorly visited by the local daily operators. The Nord West of Komodo is a really nice place to get out of the Komodo trip classic routes. Some Komodo Dragon can be seen in their natural habitat as well. On the way back to Gili Lawa Darat, our guests will be delighted by the pristine waters of Batumonco. With a white sandy bottom, the area displays some amazing turquoise colour and really healthy reefs.

Overnight anchored in Gili Lawa Darat.

Gili Lawa Laut

gili lawa

Day 7 | Epic snorkelling

Navigation: 2 Hours | 12 Miles

Our guests will spend the day in the gorgeous Cristal Bay, in the north of Gili Lawa Laut. Both Adults and children get mesmerized watching this underwater wonder. Hundreds of tropical fish are hoovering along boulders and table coral, while hawksbill sea turtles are feeding on some soft coral. Under supervision, a drift through the Cauldron channel displays pelagic action and elegant manta rays. Spend your last moment Komodo trip in the National Park to wander along the Gili Lawa Laut rugged hills, and enjoy a last stunning panorama.

Slowly heading back to Labuan Bajo, your Komodo trip boat will drop the anchor in Sabayor Besar, located on the edge of the National Park. Reaching Labuan Bajo in the morning, our guest will be transferred to the airport or their chosen hotel.