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10 Nights

From the Dampier Strait to the secluded lagoon of Wayag, this route intends to carry you away from the modern world. With stunning natural backdrop, it makes a perfect get away for families looking for a change of scene. The diversity of landscape offers a large scale of options and activities for all kind of traveler. Limestone iconic rocks, mazes of untouched mangroves, and deserted white sandy shoals are all conducive to truly indulge yourselves. This reconnection with the nature reaches its height when your vessel breaks into the virgin and outstanding Wayag.


10 Nights | 245 Nautical miles

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Dampier Strait

Day 1 | On the way to the National Park

Total navigation: 6,5 hours | 40 miles

Our guide is picking you up at your hotel, or directly to the airport. We host you onboard, and make sure you feel at home as soon as you step on the vessel. A welcome drink will be offer to you, while displaying a quick briefing about security on board. Your Phinisi will then set course for the Mioskon island, and drops his anchor for the night.


friwin cruiserajaampat

Day 2 | Gam et Friwinbonda

Waking oneself up in a paradise and having a swim in some pristine waters will be your unique concern in the morning. After a delightful breakfast liven up with tropical fruits, freshly baked bread and fine scrambling eggs, our guests will be ready to wander the tiny island of Friwin. Lined with Coconut tree, its colorful and tidy village offer the best postcard scenery. In the afternoon, let you tempted being whisked away by the dinghy into the maze of the Gam mangroves. At this time of the day, the scene is suffused by a shimmering otherworldly light.

Overnight close by the Gam Mangroves.  

cruisingrajaampat paradisebirds

Day 3 | Paradise Birds and Manta Rays

Total navigation: 18 miles | 3 hours

Our guests who want to see the red Paradise’s Bird courtship ritual will have to wake up before dawn. Leaded by a Papuan local guide along the Sapokreng steep trail, travelers get always enthralled by the sounds of waking-up jungle. You might perceive the special song of the red Bird of Paradise in between the others. You’ll eventually reach the submit to observe the mystical spectacle. In case of special request, a trek can be organise to observe Wilson’s Bird of Paradise.

Following this unique encounter, a really special snorkelling will be organise for our guests in the afternoon. Along the Manta sandy slopes, they may be lucky to get a glimpse of some elegant Manta rays. A magical sunset, wandering the sandy path of Arborek, will close this epic day.

Overnight will be spend anchored in Yangeffo.


cruising raja ampat pef karsticrock

Day 4 | Between Mangroves et beaches

The early birds would appreciate the sunrise, liven by the birdsongs. Raja Ampat is an heaven for enthusiast birders as there is so many species.

Yeben islands seduce visitors with their idyllic landscape, naturally made to enjoy an endless bath. Paddle, snorkelling and relaxation… Close by an hour navigation, Pef always give onlookers a real pleasure with its limestone rocks, and ancient rock paintings.

Overnight anchored in Pef.


cruisingrajaampat mutus coconuttree whitesandbeach

Day 5 | White Sandy Shoals and Coconut Trees 

Navigation: 20 miles | 3 hours

This cluster of sandy islets are lined with coconut trees, and sparsly populated. White sandy shoal reveal at low tide, lapped by turquoise waters. The contrast with the surrounding electric blue waters is astounding. A Tern seabirds’ colony is regularly flying away, as soon as people reach the island. An ethereal spectacle.

Fringing coral reef of Yefnabi Kecil are flourishing and perfect for snorkelling. Miosmengkara and Mutus village offer both epic walks around, surrounded by a welcoming crowd of children.

Overnight anchored in Wofoh.


cruisingrajaampat wofoh drone

Day 6 | Crossing the Equator

Navigation: 6 Hours | 40 miles

The first hours of the day will be dedicated to relaxation, snorkelling and swimming in Wofoh islands. Your Phinisi will then set course to lost paradise of Wayag. During the afternoon you may enjoy crossing the Equator for the first time of the trip. Breaking into this nature monument during the best hours of the day, is an extraordinary feeling.

Overnight anchored in Wayag. 


Day 7 | The last Eden on Earth

True Iconic jewel of Indonesia, this natural wonder is an unbelievable maze of secret lagoon, white sand beaches and limestone mushroom-shaped rock. Protected from the northern swell of the Pacific Ocean, Wayag is a haven for juvenile sharks, manta rays and other growing fish. Sea turtle are commonly found into the lagoon and known to lie their eggs in a close by island.

Wayag iconiclagoon cruisingrajaampat

Day 8 | Another Day in Paradise

Surveying the whole lagoon with the tender is absolutely amazing. Taking a bit of time paddling a kayak, or a Stand-up Paddle, is highly recommanded. Explore the area without any noise. Keep an eye on the limestone rocks to find some wild Orchid growing.

Climbing the Mount Pindito is restricted to our most athletic guests, who’ll succeed in climbing this short but steep trail to the submit. The most beautiful Panorama, surrounding this nature masterpiece, is rewarding them eventually. Let you slowly glide by into this grandiose environment.

Overnight navigation to Penemu. 8 hours | 50 miles 


Day 9 | The Little Wayag

Island with stunning shapes, Penemu host numerous bays and coves. The insiders will find similarities with Wayag, looking at its splendid inner lagoon. Some ironwood-made stairs lead you to a platform to enjoy the henceforth well-known lookout.

Penemu’s reefs are gorgeous. Melissa’s Garden has probably the largest and healthiest hard coral garden in Indonesia. Its colourful staghorn acropora colonies cover more than a hectare, and the shallows offer an unforgettable snorkelling. Cleaning station for napoleon Wrasse, giant trevallies, and large schools of snappers, the reef is teeming with clouds of anthias fish and fusiliers. A true aquarium.


mantarays cruisingrajaampat

Day 10 | Dayang and Tapok

Navigation: 6 hours | 35 miles

With a primary forest backdrop, Batanta is a bit less know and visited. The visitors get this feeling of being in a true wilderness, a world’s end feeling. In the Northwest, the island of Dayang features tiny white sand beaches and mangroves. Few local homestays offer some basic huts accommodation, which contribute to the postcard worthy scenery. Manta rays are providing the show, and are congregating around the shallow cleaning station. We hold back for you a last unforgettable sunset wandering the white sand shoals of Tapok, before heading back to Sorong.

Night navigation: 5 hours | 30 miles