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Our fleet of Indonesian yachts and liveaboards are build out of precious tropical wood. Those Pinisi are embodying the Indonesian long-time maritime tradition. They are a reflection of its soul, and somehow what makes a voyage in Indonesia so unique. Constructed by the best Indonesian carpenters through their ancestral knowledge, they are mostly designed by westerners’ naval architects and engineers. This fertile association brings together traditional design, top-tier amenities, and modern and efficient engineering.

Indonesian Yachts and Liveaboards

Those beautiful traditionnal wooden Pinisi are the most affordable of our portfolio. They can be enquired for both a private yacht charter, or a shared cruise trip. As most of the liveaboards of the Indonesian fleet, they are all equipped for scuba diving. Charter prices start from approximately 2,500 USD per night and range upwards to approximately 9,500 USD per night for a 8-cabins yacht. For individual booking, prices ranges from 320 USD per night to 665 USD per night. All those Indonesian yachts and liveaboards have air-conditionned and comfortable cabines, with ensuite bathroom and warm water showers.

private yacht boat try3

5 cabins | 10 guests | 110 feet

CALICO JACK Croisière Indonésie

5 cabins | 10 guests | 100 feet

Nataraja sailing at sea drone view FORWEB

4 cabins | 8 guests | 100 feet

Wisesa liveaboard

4 cabins | 8 guests | 100 feet

Seven seas liveaboard Indonesia

8 cabins | 16 guests | 120 feet


5 cabins | 10 guests | 110 feet

Indonesian Luxury Yachts

If those vessels can sometimes be booked per cabin, our collection of Indonesian luxury yachts provide mostly premium private charter experience. They provide high end services and top amenities. Charter prices start from approximately 5,000 USD per night and range upwards to approximately 10.000 USD per night.

Majik Yacht Luxe Indonésie

4 cabins | 8 guests | 110 feet

Tiare Luxury Diving Liveaboard

6 cabins | 12 guests | 110 feet

Senja Luxury Honeymoon Yacht

1 cabin | 2 passengers | 100 feet


Indonesian Super Luxury Yachts

The super luxury Indonesian yachts provide the most exclusive and ultimate private Yacht charter in Indonesia. Charter prices starts at 15.000 USD/ Night.

prana luxury yacht charter

9 cabins | 18 guests | 180 feet

DuniaBaru Luxury Yacht Charter

7 cabins | 14 guests | 155 ft

Silolona Luxury Yacht Charter Indonesia

5 Cabins | 10 Guests | 121 Feet