Cruising Alor island Liveaboard


Embarking on an Alor Liveaboard is the promise of an outstanding journey in a remote corner of the Indonesian archipelago. Located on the most eastern part of the Lesser Sunda islands, Alor lies at the door of the Banda Sea. Its rugged volcanic landscape, rich waters, and authentic mountain tribes make of Alor a very unique destination. 

  • Kalabahi
  • Kalabahi
  • From 5 to 14 nights
  • Volcanic rugged landscape
  • Exclusive destination
  • Authentic villagers and mountain tribes
  • Ethnic art and craft (Ikat Sarong)
  • Black sand beaches
  • Pristine and thrilling coral reef
  • Exhilarating diving
  • Worldclass muck diving
  • Hammerheads, Thresher and reef sharks
  • Pods of migrating dolphins and whales
From 400 USD/Night ENQUIRE

Alor Liveaboard Diving with Konjo

Escorted scuba diving and snorkeling expeditions

As the best and most knowledgeable liveaboard diving expert in Indonesia, Konjo delivers a superb dive-focused yachting experience in Alor and the Banda Sea. Our 2023 Ring of Fire expedition begins with premier diving in Alor, and progresses to the heart of the Banda Sea.
From the following descriptions, you begin to understand why our knowledge of the area is so important to your experience.  Without Konjo’s extensive knowledge of the area, some of the spectacular sightings we describe could be missed completely. We will guide you through the straits of Alor to encounter your dive trip of a lifetime. Come join us for this unique and wonderful trip!
In 2024, Konjo promises another epic voyage around East Flores aboard the Seven Seas. The 2024 voyage will be lead by Mark Heyghes, the pioneer explorer of Nusa Tengarra. Back in the 1980’s, Mark was a major actor of the exploration of the Komodo National Park. Pushed by his desire for adventure, he extended his surveys to the East Flores islands: Solor, Adunara, Lembata, Pantar and Alor. First operator to provide regular East Flores and Alor liveaboard trips, Mark is the true expert of Nusa Tengarra.
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The Best Alor Dive Liveaboard

Cruising the Pantar Strait 

Embarking from the small port town of Kalabahi, the Seven Seas will navigate eight miles to the Pantar strait. At the entrance to this strait stands the cone-shaped volcano of Pura. The iconic volcano creates a unique natural backdrop for your voyage. Including the islands of Ternate, Buaya and Kepa, the northern part of the strait offers many wilderness dive sites, where shimmering pristine waters lap white sandy beaches and the dry rugged inland hills of savannah are peppered by Lontan palm trees. As in Komodo and Nusa Tengara, waters are warmer and clearer along the northern part of the strait.

The Wild South of Alor

The southern part of the strait gets nutrient-rich upwelling currents and colder water. It is also more exposed to swell. These factors result in the best pelagic and big fish habitat. Liveaboard boats that venture into this area can find a sheltered anchorage in the bay of Beang-abang, which offers world class muck diving. The friendly village shoreline has black sand beaches, where fishermen return with their small local boats after their daily excursions.

Alor Liveaboard | The gateway to traditional Cultures

The powerful tribal identity of Alor

Alor inhabitants fiercely protect their tribal identity, and liveaboard boats have an opportunity to experience their rare traditional culture.  Women partake in traditional crafts like textile weaving, and often approach our boat to sell their colorful “Ikat”. Taking a stroll along the friendly villages is a great way to witness the traditional weaving process firsthand. Villagers are also famous for their local production of palm wine (tuak) and spirits (sopi). Hikes can be organized to visit infamous headhunter villages, which remained unseen by foreigners until the 1950s.

Continuing traditional fishing techniques

In this modern age, local fishermen continue to use their traditional fishing techniques, and observing them is part of our voyage. Outsiders will be amazed by their knowledge of the ever-changing currents, while they drift in their small dugout canoes. Experts in spearfishing, they reach their prey with a single breath, armed only with handmade fins and wooden spears. During your snorkeling and diving excursions, you may encounter their woven bamboo fishing baskets, which they employ at just the right tide. Kids often jump in the water to free dive and wave at our divers. Longer trips allow us to reach the village of Lamalera. This village of south Lembata, is the village of traditional whale hunters. To this day, these hunters still jump into rough seas from their small boats, armed only with homemade spears.


Scuba diving and snorkeling in Alor

The Indonesian throughflow

The Ombai Strait, between Alor and Wetar, is one of the four main Indonesian through flows. Coming from the Pacific, powerful ocean currents flow across the Indonesian archipelago to the Nusa Tengarra archipelago, before reaching the Indian ocean. From Bali to Wetar, every wild island is teeming with aquatic life, including healthy and thrilling coral reefs. In accordance with the old adage: “No current, no fish”.

Indonesian throughflow

Healthy reef, walls and seamounts  

The coral reefs in the Alor region are absolutely amazing. The configuration of the strait, in combination with the currents, has created unbelievable other worldly reef structures. In the north, steep drop offs, seamounts, and underwater pinnacles cohabit with colorful Acropora coral plateaus, which are often packed with clouds of anthias. The quantity of small reef fish in the northern areas of Alor is really incomparable to anywhere else. The southern experience is more soft coral, which is less fragile and can survive the colder temperatures. We will discover volcanic caves, anemones and sponge carpet displaying vibrant colors.


Pelagic, Big fish and sea mammals

As this deep and narrow strait is a major passageway for marine life, literally everything can be seen in Alor.  Gliding through drifting pelagic or large shoal of fish is a frequent occurrence. Migrating whales and dolphins are regularly spotted, especially during the months of September and October. Some dive sites are famous as cleaning stations for Hammerhead or Thresher sharks. A population of elusive Dugong are know to live in the northeast of Alor.

Worldclass muck diving

The bay of Kalabahi and the black sandy bay of Beang- abang provide an environment for the most fascinating and bizarre bottom-dwelling creatures. We will dive the bottom looking for unique critters like frogfish, Rhinopias, mimic and blue-ringed octopus, and flamboyant cuttlefish. You will be astounded by the animals you encounter here!

Alor Liveaboard Diving with Konjo

top hammerhead shark diving konjo cruising indonesia cruise Ring of Fire Liveaboard scuba yacht charter THE HAMMERHEADS EXPERIENCE ALOR - AMBON | THE RING OF FIRE 29th Sept- 11th Oct 2025 | 5400 Euros / Person RW PANORAMA SSEAS FLORES EAST FLORES AND ALOR FROM WHALES TO CRITTERS September 2024 | 7980 USD/ Person