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“Your Wishes, Our Expertise”

We are passionate explorers, scuba divers and cruising lovers based in Bali, Indonesia. As a destination Expert, we are sharing our knowledge of the archipelago’s seas with you. Carefully selecting our Pinisi’s partners, we ensure the best yachting experience in Indonesia. Our aim is to design your tailor-made holidays and enhance your experience onboard for a trip of a lifetime. We handle the whole process of your cruise in Indonesia. From the first step of your booking process to the realisation of your cruise.


Are you dreaming of an unforgettable maritime adventure in Indonesia, but the overwhelming choices and uncertainties are holding you back? Discover our tailored Indonesia cruises and contact us today to start planning the perfect cruise for you.


Signature Diving Expeditions Indonesia
Experience the best Indonesia diving cruises with our customized itineraries on a private boat for shared cabin bookings. Explore off-the-beaten-path routes and immerse yourself in the most remote islands of Indonesia. Our expeditions are led by a Konjo leader, an expert in the top diving sites in Indonesia.


Private Cruise Indonesia
Plan the best private cruise in Indonesia with our expert guidance. Whether you’re traveling with family or friends, we help you choose the ideal boat and itinerary. A dedicated Konjo guide will assist you before and during your cruise, ensuring a flawless experience.


Cabin Cruise Indonesia
Find the perfect cabin cruise in Indonesia with our assistance. We help you select the cruise that matches your dates, preferences, and diving levels on one of our partner boats. Our expertise ensures you get the best advice and support to choose the ideal boat and itinerary for your Indonesia adventure.

Start planning your Indonesia cruise today and embark on a journey of a lifetime.


Plan Your Ideal Cruise Indonesia

We listen to and understand your travel project. By finding the boat that suits you, we provide the sensations you seek. Our private cruises on traditional Pinisi boats allow us to create a bespoke itinerary for you. Chartering your own vessel offers the ultimate cruising experience in Indonesia.


Best Diving and Surfing Cruise Indonesia

We guarantee you the best diving or surfing experience in Indonesia. Our Konjo expeditions introduce you to fabulous and less-visited areas. Our private cruises give you the opportunity to reach the Indonesian islands of your choice. This way, you can access the best surf spots and diving sites in Indonesia.


The most beautiful Snorkeling Cruise Indonesia

Discover various inspirations with our snorkeling cruises. This generic term includes different experiences that intertwine “à la carte”. We help you create your ideal vacation. Explore marine life, relax on beaches, or enjoy water sports. Embark on adventures with land explorations, village visits, waterfall hikes, and treks.

Let yourself be inspired. Privatize your boat and create your ideal cruise.

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Cruise the secluded islands of Indonesia

With 14.000 islands, Indonesia is the World’s largest Archipelago. Embarking for a voyage is the best way to explore its hidden bounties, and reach some of the most-secluded islands. With an unbelievable variety of landscape and population, Indonesia hosts some unique ecosystems, and the highest biodiversity on Earth. Dry-rugged savannah thrilling with life are competing with karstic outcrops’ lagoon, primary forest, and untouched mangroves.


Landmark cruises & exclusive destinations Indonesia

From landmark cruises to more exclusive areas, we have meticulously selected the destinations we promote. Each of them offers a special biosphere to discover. Gaze at the endemic Komodo prehistoric lizard or the Raja Ampat Paradise Birds, swim with some Manta rays in Halmahera, be grazed by whale sharks in Triton Bay, dive with schooling hammerheads in the Banda Sea, try to identify the endless number of underwater critters in Ambon, or be alone surfing the world-class waves of North Maluku.

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Built out of precious tropical wood, Pinisi are embodying the Indonesian longtime maritime tradition. Constructed by the best Indonesian carpenters through their ancestral knowledge, they are mostly designed by westerners’ naval architects and engineers. This fertile association brings together traditional design, top-tier amenities, and a modern and efficient engineering.