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Build out of precious tropical wood, Phinisi are embodying the Indonesian long-time maritime tradition. They are a reflection of its soul, and somehow what makes a voyage in Indonesia so unique. Constructed by the best Indonesian carpenters through their ancestral knowledge, they are mostly designed by westerners’ naval architects and engineers. This fertile association brings together traditional design, top-tier amenities, and modern and efficient engineering.

Our selected Phinisi vary in size, interior design, and onboard services. When your holiday project will be well defined with us, we are pairing it with a selection of private yacht which would appeal to you. We’ll provide you with a comprehensive brochure of the private yacht, its included policy, and its own condition of payment. 

Travelling in Style

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Motorsailor Exquisite Wooden Yacht

Most of the Phinisi are not “pure” sailing yachts. All of them are using marine diesel engine as a propulsion, and the sails as an ancillary. Those wooden vessels are heavy, and not design to appeal to purist sailing enthusiasts.

In the past century, Phinisi were merchant vessels used to carry goods around the archipelago. They were spending months trying to reach their destination, carefully scheduling their voyage with the wind seasons. As you guess, this way of travelling doesn’t suit the requirements of the modern cruising experience.

The main distinctive feature about Phinisi is the beauty of their design and their unique character. Listening to the specific sounds of a sailing wooden vessel for the time of a sunset is an unrivalled feeling. Living aboard those luxury vessels, with a dedicated crew and some top-tier amenities makes the experience by itself.

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Our Requirements

Our selection of yachts has been made on few requirements. First of all, our partner vessels need to be reliable. Their renowned architects and team management have made a solid reputation in the past decade. Our other main concern, is the line of the vessel, which meant to be elegant. Eventually comes the finishing touches, depending of the standard and character of each vessel. A particular attention has been made to every little detail, to make your daily life onboard enjoyable.

Cabins are spacious, and a limited number of guests insure our clients an exclusive appropriation of the vessel. Numerous relaxing spaces have been created to provide some more intimate area. Upper and main deck, stern and bow are often arranged to offer different atmospheres. Super Yachts always offer a master cabin, with a private deck, to reach the ultimate delight.

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Travel with comfort

We ensure you to travel the Indonesian archipelago with comfort and delicacy. Every rooms have unsuited bathroom. Thanks to water makers, you can relish your warm shower with serenity. Air conditioning is available in every room. Some vessels display a lounge open to the ocean, other have it closed and air-conditioned.

Super yachts

Super Yachts are distinguished by an Excellence in services, and the Luxury amenities displayed on board. Ultimate refinement and sophistication applied in every domain. An extreme attention has been made of decoration, bedding, linen and toiletries. The discreet Indonesian boat crew ensure you a trip of a lifetime.