Coraux mous rouges et récifs spectaculaires lors d'une croisière plongée Sud Komodo

Dive Komodo differently

A Konjo Diving Expedition

Did you love diving in Komodo National Park but didn’t have the opportunity to explore the wild South? Perhaps the poor visibility and cold water in South Komodo during July and August discouraged you. Are you a regular diver in Indonesia but deterred by the large number of boats operating in Komodo? Are you tempted by our liveaboard expeditions but held back by the cost and duration? This South Komodo diving liveaboard cruise is made for you!


Diving Komodo differently, off the beaten path

By planning this South Komodo diving liveaboard in the off-season, it is possible to avoid the summer crowds. Most cruise boats migrate to Raja Ampat in October. Consequently, this maximizes our chances of being alone on site and experiencing the wild power of South Komodo.


The best season to dive South Komodo

At Konjo, it is also known that this is the best time to explore South Komodo. During this period, the winds decrease and shift direction to the northwest. The swell diminishes and visibility improves. Therefore, amateur wide-angle divers and underwater photographers can fully enjoy the beauty of this ecosystem (and not just the fixed fauna).


Konjo cruising indonesia konjo diving expedition off the beaten path

Diving south Komodo in optimal conditions

Those in the know certainly understand that the Komodo islands can be exposed to powerful currents. These islands are located in the middle of the strait separating Sumbawa and Flores. To minimize the multiplying effects of tide-related currents, a half-moon period has been deliberately selected. This timing provides the best chances for a diving expedition with optimal conditions in South Komodo.


South Komodo diving liveaboard for experienced divers

This adventure diving cruise is designed for experienced divers. It aims to access all the best diving sites in South Komodo, even those most exposed to currents.

Take the unique opportunity to discover rarely frequented dive sites and live an unforgettable and discovery-rich experience. Dive into spectacular coral reefs teeming with exceptional marine life, and observe Komodo dragons roaming freely on the beaches of South Rinca.

Don’t hesitate any longer and book your place on our off-the-beaten-path Komodo diving cruise!

  • Labuan Bajo (Florès)
  • Labuan Bajo (Florès)
  • 04th to 11th Décember 2024
  • 7 Nights
  • 80 marine Miles
  • 24
  • Wunderpus
  • Easily reachable
  • Short & affordable cruise
  • Few boats around
  • Wild landscapes and a feeling of being at the edge of the world
  • Discovery of Komodo dragons in their natural habitat
  • Sea eagles, wild boars, buffaloes, and macaques
  • Spectacular and wild landscapes
  • Discover South Komodo in optimal conditions
  • Exhilarating dives
  • Better visiiblity than in high season
  • Warmer water than in high season
  • Few divers around
  • Spectacular soft coral
  • extremely rich macrofauna
  • Schools of fish, sharks, and pelagic
  • Stunning underwater topography
Indonesia Diving leader Alexis Nataf with a white indonesian Pinisi on the background

Your Konjo diving leader

Alexis, founder of the Konjo agency, has specially designed this itinerary and will oversee your stay aboard the Wunderpus. He will share his knowledge of the region and his 7 years of experience as a cruise director in Indonesia. Alexis will personally guide one of the dive groups, assisted by Indonesian guides who are specialists in this area.

The Boat

diving liveaboard Komodo islands Wunderpus bow


Accommodating up to 8 divers in 4 cabins, Wunderpus operates in Komodo year-round. Regularly praised for its operational quality, it is a simple yet effective boat. Nitrox is not available on board


South Komodo diving Liveaboard Itinerary

7 nights / 8 Days

Parc National de Komodo carte marine Expedition plongée Konjo cruising indonesia croisière plongée sud komodo
varans de Komodo sur la plage de Nusa Kodé sud Rinca Croisière plongée Komodo sud expedition plongée konjo

Day 1: Settling in, Cannibal Rock, and Komodo dragons

We recommend arriving the day before departure in Labuan Bajo (See practical information at the bottom of the page). A car will pick you up from your chosen hotel. Meet the crew and receive a general briefing about life on board and safety rules. We plan to weigh anchor before 10 a.m. to head south as quickly as possible.

Navigate to Nusa Kode and South Rinca, which will take between 4 and 5 hours of sailing.

The first dive is scheduled at Cannibal Rock in the mid-afternoon. This underwater mount features a mix of splendid soft and hard corals that serve as a habitat for numerous invertebrates.

Take a dinghy ride along the coast. 3-meter-long Komodo dragons roam freely here and may approach the sound of the engines. Thrills guaranteed.

pomme de mer holothurie croisière plongée Komodo sud Konjo cruising indonesia expédition plongée

Day 2: The best diving sites in South Rinca (Nusa Kode)

Rodeo. This site, exposed to swells and currents, requires serious planning. But once underwater, what a spectacle! With good visibility, you can see a variety of marine life. Schools of diverse fish swim alongside sharks and turtles. The richness of the coral here is phenomenal. Yellow Wall. The Yellow Wall is perfect for diving when the vertical sun illuminates the multicolored sea fans and yellow tubastrea that compose it. Boulders. This site is beautifully lit by the morning sun. The gentle slope is adorned with large rock formations richly colonized by gorgonians and soft corals. A night dive at Torpedo Alley will be offered. This site is absolutely incredible for its nocturnal marine

recifs spectaculaires croisiere plongee komodo sud exploration plongeur experimente coraux mous expedition plongee konjo

Day 3: South Komodo diving Liveaboard by Konjo

There’s always an exploration day in our Konjo diving expeditions. We will spend the day exploring around Gili Motang Island, the southeast of Rinca, and the south of Nusa Kode.

drone photo manta alley croisiere plongee Sud Komodo hors des sentier battu plongeur experimente expedition plongee Konjo

Day 4 | Dive the lesser-known sites of South Komodo

The first dive of the day is along the southern route of Komodo. Toronatu is a lesser-known site. It features submerged rocks that drop sharply into the depths, attracting Napoleon wrasse, reef sharks, and dogtooth tuna. Gaia Rock is also rarely dived but offers a superb immersion experience. Loh Sera Corner is another top-rated site in South Komodo, known for its highly populated underwater pinnacles. Gray reef sharks, schools of surgeonfish, and giant trevally share the space. A night dive at the small wreck in the bay will be offered.

banc de carangues gros yeux croisière plongée sud komodo plongeur expérimenté komodo autrement hors des sentier battu

Day 5 | Langkoi rock and the Sape strait

Langkoi Rock. This submerged rock is located on the eastern part of the bay. This dive is particularly exposed and requires careful planning. Very fish-rich, it attracts numerous rainbow runners, schools of bigeye trevally, and other pelagics. Navigate to Kelapa Island, close to the shores of Sumbawa. This splendid island also offers good dives, such as Kelapa Mudah and Disco Doris. A splendid anchorage will allow you to go ashore and enjoy beautiful white sandy beaches without Komodo dragons. A 30-minute walk to the top of Kelapa Island is scheduled to admire the sunset.

Manta Ray croisiere plongeurs expérimentés Komodo sud expedition Konjo

Day 6 | The Best dive sites in south Komodo

Manta Alley is one of the most famous sites in South Komodo. It is renowned as a cleaning station for oceanic and reef manta rays. Abundant with marine life, it boasts a splendid reef. It’s not uncommon to have two dives at this 5-star dive site in South Komodo. The End of the World and German Flag also offer very beautiful alternatives. Wunderpus will then anchor in Loh Sera Bay.

trek Padar point de vue marche croisière Komodo sud expedition plongée Konjo

Day 7 | Padar, the iconic island of Komodo

The best diving site on Padar Island is The Arch. It is an exceptional pinnacle but rarely dived due to its exposure to swells and currents. Schools of red and yellow striped snappers are particularly abundant here, especially when passing under the arch. The two dive groups will then explore Padar’s two most famous sites. Pilarsteen, a site with spectacular topography, consists of oddly shaped volcanic rocks. Crevices, tunnels, and colorful sea fans are part of its features. 3 Sisters is composed of three underwater pinnacles and another rock located at 30 meters depth. Many nudibranchs, sea stars, and soft corals have colonized the area. Divers will try to spot the famous “Sea Apple,” a brilliantly colored sea cucumber. A sunset hike to reach the summit of the iconic Padar Island is scheduled.

batu bolong meilleur site de plongee komodo konjo cruising indonesia croisiere plongee komodo sud

Day 8 | Batu Tiga and Batu Bolong

Our final day allows us to dive two splendid sites in the park while getting closer to Labuan Bajo. Batu Tiga is often overlooked by operators due to the need for careful planning. It is exposed to currents rushing through the strait between Padar and Komodo Island. Very rocky, it is a favorite spot for gray reef sharks. It’s not uncommon to see beautiful specimens of dogtooth tuna or Napoleon wrasse passing by. Batu Bolong is the iconic site of Komodo. Its pinnacles and steep walls attract numerous trevally and groupers, and the safety stop ends in a cloud of glowing Anthias.


Practical information

We strongly advise you to arrive the day before departure for a relaxed arrival and to avoid any delay in departure. Flights from Jakarta arrive too late in Labuan Bajo. Only those coming from Bali can arrive on December 4th with Air Asia flight QZ-644. For others, an overnight stay at a hotel from the night of December 3rd to December 4th will be necessary. A car will pick you up at your hotel or at the airport, depending on your preference.

You will need to stay overnight at the hotel on the night of the 11th, and depart on August 12th towards your destination. We will indeed dive on the eighth day of the cruise and arrive at the port in the late afternoon.

This is also an opportunity to (re)discover Labuan Bajo. Travelers who knew Labuan Bajo from 10 years ago will be amazed to discover the new face of this dynamic small port town.

Marina with Starbucks, relocation of the commercial port, and construction of new infrastructure and stands (to host events) around the famous KP3… The main street has been paved, sidewalks allow pedestrians to move freely, and trees have been planted to provide shade for sweating walkers. New restaurants, hotels, and shops have appeared, along with numerous new dive centers.

There are a large scale of hotels in Labuan Bajo of various standards.

It’s always challenging to decide on the thermal protection needed for comfortable diving in different destinations, especially in South Komodo! During high season (July-August), water temperatures in South Komodo can drop to 23 degrees Celsius, depending on thermoclines caused by upwelling currents. In December, we can expect water temperatures around 28 degrees Celsius. Konjo recommends wearing a 3mm full wetsuit. However, it’s wise to consider bringing a 5mm wetsuit to cover all possibilities. A hood can also be useful and easy to pack.

During high season, visibility can be greatly reduced in South Komodo. Due to upwelling currents and swells from the Indian Ocean, it can be limited to around 10 meters. We hope to have much better conditions diving in the south at the right time. Our past experiences have shown us that visibility is good in South Komodo in December. We expect visibility to be around 20-25 meters.

  1. Contact us to receive a complete and personalized quote
  2. Acceptance of the booking terms and conditions, and validation of the quote
  3. Issuance of an invoice with payment schedule
  4. Payment of a 20% deposit to secure your spot
  5. Full payment due 2 months before departure (by October 4, 2024)
  6. If desired, we can assist you in finding a hotel and purchasing domestic flight tickets.
  1. International bank transfer in USD, EUR, or IDR to our Indonesian company account PT Maju Bersama Agency (OCBC Bank or Mandiri)
  2. Payment via Visa or Mastercard credit card. We will issue an e-invoice in IDR with a link for you to make the payment. Your bank will automatically convert the amount at the daily exchange rate. We use payment gateways Ipay88 and Doku.