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Halmahera scuba diving liveaboard

The best diving of West Halmahera 

This Halmahera scuba diving liveaboard is a true exclusive voyage. Only a few operators have the experience to cruise the costs of Halmahera. Most of them are just passing through, and don’t have the time or knowledge for an exploration of the best parts of the area. Liveaboards and yachts typically make one or two stops on their way to Lembeh, without realizing what West Halmahera has to offer. This cruise is specially designed for divers who already have experimented the iconic diving destinations in Indonesia, and are looking for a new diving experience. With less navigation than our Raja Ampat-Halmahera crossing itinerary, it exclusively focus on the western part of Halmahera. 

  • Ternate (TTE)
  • Ternate (TTE)
  • 03-14 June 2024
  • 11 Nights
  • 230 Nautical Miles
  • 31 Dives
  • Jakare Liveaboard
  • Exclusive and off the beaten path destination
  • Breath-taking volcanic landscape
  • Stunning coastline, fringed by large coconut tree plantations
  • Equatorial Primary Forests
  • Equator line crossing
  • Epic History (16-18 century spices war)
  • Pierres semi-précieuses de Bacan
  • Famous for its Bacan Gems rocks
  • One of a kind villages (muslims and christians living together)
  • Thrilling coral reefs
  • Great marine biodiversity
  • Schooling fish (Jacks, Surgeon, snappers...)
  • Manta Rays, numerous pelagic and reef sharks
  • Blacktips and Grey reef sharks
  • Pygmy sea-horses and rich macro fauna
  • Exhilarating dives and amazing seascape
  • 5 stars dive sites without any other divers
From 4950 USD/ Person ENQUIRE
Cruise Director Indonesia

Your Konjo Cruising Guide

Alexis, CEO and founder of Konjo Cruising Indonesia will be escorting you on board this cruise. Thanks to the years he spent, working as Cruise Director on Liveaboards in Indonesia, he takes you to this unforgettable voyage. He shares with you his knowledge and offers you the very best of Raja Ampat and Halmahera. North Maluku is one of his favorite playground. He will personally guide one of the dive groups.

The Boat


Launched in November 2017, Jakare is perfectly adapted to diving and snorkeling cruises. She caters a maximum of 10 guests for a more intimate experience. Finely decorated, this Pinisi is designed for relaxation and peace of mind.




halmahera map

Diving Ternate and Goraichi Islands

Underwater Pinnacles and Volcanic landscape

Arriving in Ternate by air is already a breathtaking experience, as it is part of an unreal line of 7 volcanoes. Hiri, Ternate, Tidore, Mare, Moti and Makian. We won’t spend to much time in this area as diving is a bit less spectacular than the surrounding islands. Goraichi archipelago is made of the 4 major islands of Siko, Gafi, Laigoma and Tomakomafatu. Sprinkled by small rocks, it offers world class diving, clear waters, and stunning landscapes. 

Croisière Plongée Halmahera

Day 1 | Ternate

We pick you up at the hotel or directly at the airport (depending on your travelling plans) and we take you to the vessel. Welcoming drink and installation in your cabins. General briefing about life and safety on board. Diving gear set up and check dive close by the harbour of Ternate.

Overnight navigation to Goraichi island. 40 miles | 7 hours.

Croisière Plongée Halmahera

Day 2 | North Goraichi

Our Halmahera scuba diving liveaboard starts around the obelisk-shaped rock of Tamo-Tamo, with the looming volcanoes of Ternate and Tidore as a backdrop. Its vibrant slopping reefs are super healthy, and bursting with life. Pintu Manis is a rock stinging out of the surface and really close by. With steep walls, and a nice plateau it attracts pelagic and schooling fish. Cruising during the lunch, we will do our last dive around Siko Island, and drop the anchor for the night.

Navigation of the day: 2 hours.

Day 3 | Siko

Few rocks lie off the North-west side of Siko Island, and offer a perfect dive site. A dizzying wall is falling down to 50 meters, and attracts black tips, napoleon wrasses and schooling fish. Back to the plateau for a safety stop, divers may enjoy watching small reef sharks hunting around. An underwater pinnacle will be our amazing second dive. A perfect playground for fish and divers. An easy and shallow dive will be offered in the afternoon. Divers will circumnavigate around the boulders lying on the slope of the gorgeous Siko beach. Short navigation to anchor close by our next morning dive site.

Navigation of the Day: 2 Hours. 

Croisière Plongée TritonBay RajaAmpat Liveaboard Requins baleine whale sharks scuba diving liveaboard HalmaheraMisool

Day 4 |Manta rays and white sand beaches

Another small group of islands, made of mangroves, submerged reef and sandy banks, lies around Tolimao. We noticed, during our past explorations, that a population of Manta rays loves hanging around there. They come to feed, and to get cleaned by small wrasses and butterfly fish. Made of gravel, those reefs are similar to Karang Makassar in Komodo. Close by Manta bay, Batu Oranje is a super nice dive site. We will then navigate to reach the gorgeous area of Lilai Village. Another submerged reef hosts the largest population of blacktips shark Konjo has never seen in Indonesia.

Night anchored aside Lilai Village | Navigation of the day: 1 hour. 

Halmahera Exclusive Diving Cruise

The forgotten islands of Halmahera

Our Halmahera scuba diving liveaboard will completely awe-struck the best insiders of the Indonesian underwater wonderland. Heading for the forgotten islands of Taneti, Muari and Kasiruta, our vessel will make you discover a poorly know area, completely off the beaten route of other Indonesian diving boats. 

Croisière Plongée Halmahera Liveaboard

Day 5 | Taneti

There are few different dive sites between the south of Taneti and the island of Muari. Seamounts, isolated rocks, and underwater pinnacle are taken aback the onlookers. Using their dive hook to enjoy the show provided by marine life upstream the current, divers will be taken by surprise by curious grey reef sharks and schooling barracudas.

Overnight anchored around Muari island. Navigation of the day: 3 hours.

Croisière Halmahera Scholling Batfish Liveaboard Indonesia

Day 6 | Kasiruta

Slowly heading to the Patintie straight, our Halmahera scuba diving liveaboard will make few stops to dive along the way. Batu Naga, litterally Dragon Rock in english, owns really steep walls with crevices. It attracts bumphead parrot fish, and Napoleon. The mouth of the Sembaki strait, is a good place to dive as well. We will dive once there, before reaching Amazone for a third dive of the day. Another two hours of navigation lead us to our night anchorage.

Overnight anchored in Lighthouse. Navigation of the day: 8 hours. 

Diving the Patintie Strait

Halmahera scuba diving liveaboard highlight

The most famous diving in West Halmahera is in the Patintie Strait. The first time we explored this area, it was completely empty from any resorts. There are 3 nowadays. Fair enough, I would say, as the quality of diving reach 5 stars into the Patintie Strait. A main oceanic current is flowing in between the island of Bacan and Halmahera. It brings all the nutrients needed for the coral reef, and prolific biomass regeneration. Still poorly known, it offers plenty of World class dive sites. 

coral reef Croisière plongée Halmahera Liveaboard Indonesia

Day 7 | Thrilling reefs

Tobias point is a surfacing rock located in the North of Saleh Besar. An underwater ridge stretches to the eastern side, and brings lots of fish action. Blacktip and grey reef sharks are everywhere and reef untouched. Anthias proliferate on the shallow, which remains insiders the last ten minutes of of a dive at Batu Bolong, in Komodo. The Tower starts with a healthy slopping reef, and ends by a mineral plateau at depth. On the shallow, boulders are colonized by Acropora and colourful dendronepthya. Batu Jabu reefs are bursting with life. A dinghy ride will be proposed to observe the large flying foxes colony hanging on the mangrove trees.

Overnight anchored in Saleh besar. Navigation of the day: 1 hour.

Croisière Plongée Raja Ampat Halmahera

Day 8 | No current, no fish

“No current, no fish” is a common adage in scuba diving. The Patintie strait offers the most exhilarating dives if carefully planned. Some dive sites cannot be dived randomly, so flexibility is necessary during this Halmahera scuba diving liveaboard. Nanas island hosts many dive sites though. Meanwhile, Sharks and schooling fish conglomerate around Proco Channel canyons and overhanging walls. Karang Hitam is a submerged reef with good macro. It always has a lee side, which is convenient in case of ripping currents.

Overnight anchored in Saleh Kecil. Navigation of the day: 1 hour.

procochannel halmahera liveaboard

Day 9 | Vibrant biomass

The island of Kusu probably owns some of the most beautiful reefs of the area. Indeed, two diving resorts decided to settle there. Diving the famous Thoru point is exceptionnal, while the southern sandy slopes and curving reefs are definitely magical. After the second dive, our Halmahera scuba diving liveaboard will head to Babang bay. Famous for its muck diving, the tiny port town is also a good way to ashore for a while. A land excursion to Bacan and the harbour of Labuha is always interesting. Passengers get to see cloves and nutmeg plantation, traditional market and famous Bacan gem rocks. A good way to bring souvenirs to your beloved. Back to the boat, a night dive will be proposed.

Navigation of the day: 2 Hours. Overnight navigation to Pigaraja: 6 hours.

Halmahera Scuba Diving Liveaboard

Muck diving and wreck diving 

A former cargo ship lies in Pigaraja, between 20 and 30 meters beneath the surface. Still in good condition for a wooden wreck, the boat is about 30 meters long. She used to carry the copra (coconut flesh) which is still the main income of the village. She is now covered with coral and attracts a blossoming marine life. Makian and Bacan offer both good muck Diving. 

wreck Pigaraja

Day 10 | Pigaraja

Pigaraja is a village where both Christian and Muslim are sharing the space together along the southern coasts of Bacan Island. Earning their living through the trade of Copra, their coastline is edged by Coconut trees plantations and desert beaches. Underwater, the coral is unscathed and hosts a great fish life. Three dives are planned around the tiny rock, which lies a bit off the coast. A visit of the village will be proposed before pulling up the anchor.

Overnight navigation to Makian 80 miles | 13 hours.

rhynopias ambon diving

Day 11 | Muck diving in Halmahera

The black-sand slopes of the still-active volcano of Makian offers good muck diving. A good way to end our exhilarating Halmahera scuba diving liveaboard. Because of the 24 hours mandatory no-flight, only one dive will be proposed. The rest of the day will be dedicated to relaxation, shore excursion to the close by villages, and a splendid sundowner navigation between Makian and Ternate.

Overnight in Ternate harbour. Navigation of the day: 30 Miles | 5 hours. The check out from the boat will be organized after a last breakfast and some warm goodbye. Taxis will be waiting for you, and drive each guest to his hotel or to the Ternate airport.

The Boat


Launched in November 2017, Jakare is perfectly adapted to diving and snorkeling cruises. She caters a maximum of 10 guests for a more intimate experience. Finely decorated, this Pinisi is designed for relaxation and peace of mind.

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