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Discovering the West Papua Biodiversity

This cruise takes you from Triton Bay to Raja Ampat to explore the untouched reefs of West Papua. It aims to organize an incredible encounter with whale sharks diving around fishing plateform called Bagans. Triton Bay’s flourishing Soft coral reefs are some of the best of the world. Hidding some incredible critters, it attracts also schooling surgeon fish, fusiliers and barracudas around some mushroom-shaped rocks.

Our whale sharks diving journey brings our guests around Pisang Area and the Sangalla Waterfall, before it reaches the 1.220 square kilometer Protected Marine Area of the unrivalled Misool, in Raja Ampat. 

Please note that this cruise is open to non divers! The beauty of West Papua offers many options for land excursions, secluded coves hopping, or kayak and snorkeling experience (even better to snorkel with the whale sharks). 

  • Kaimana (KNG)
  • Sorong (SOQ)
  • 28th April to 09th May 2023
  • 11 Nights
  • 450 Nautical Miles
  • 30 Dives
  • Jakare Liveaboard
  • 2 areas in one cruise
  • Bird watching (Paradise birds, Parrots, Hornbills...)
  • Limestone rocks lagoon
  • Tiki-Tiki Waterfall
  • Deserted beaches
  • Primary forest and untouched mangroves
  • Ancient rock Paintings
  • Authentic papuan villages in Triton Bay
  • Close encounters with Whale Sharks
  • Stunning Jellyfish Lake
  • Highest marine biodiversity on Earth
  • Best Coral reef in Indonesia, schooling fish
  • Manta rays, pelagics, reef sharks
  • Pygmy sea-horses, rich macro fauna
  • Whales and dolphins sightings
  • Endemic species (walking sharks, flasher wrasse...)
From 4345 €/Person ENQUIRE
Cruise Director Indonesia

Your Konjo Cruising Tour Leader

Alexis, CEO and founder of the agency Konjo Cruising will be the tour leader of this cruise. Thanks to the years he spent, working as Cruise Director on Liveaboards in Indonesia, he takes you to this unforgettable voyage. He shares with you his knowledge and offers you the very best of Misool and Triton Bay. Organising a once in a lifetime encounter with whale sharks to top it all. He will personnally guide one of the whale sharks diving groups.


The Boat


Launched in November 2017, Jakare is perfectly adapted to diving and snorkeling cruises. She caters a maximum of 12 guests for a more intimate experience. Finely decorated, this Pinisi is designed for relaxation and peace of mind.



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Triton Bay

misool diving liveaboard whale sharks diving cruisingrajaampat westpapua sorong betelnut waisai

Day 1 | Appetizer

We pick you up at the hotel or directly at the airport (depending on your travelling plans) and we take you to the vessel. Welcoming drink and installation in your cabins. General briefing about life and safety on board.

3 hours of navigation to Namatote Island | 20 Miles

You will spend the rest of the day relaxing around the Sagin Island area, where the boat will drop the anchor for the night.

whale sharks diving Tritonbay cruising liveaboard scubadiving snorkeling

Day 2 | Whale Sharks in Triton Bay

Total navigation of the day: 2 hours | 15 Miles

The morning will be dedicated to swimming and diving with the whale sharks, around those fishing platforms called Bagans. Doing some stationary fishing at night by attracting plankton and small anchovies with their numerous powerful lights, they often get the visit of the gentle giant when they pull up their nets in the early morning. If we are lucky enough we will also have the pleasure to watch dolphins and marlins coming for a visit. The boat will then make a short navigation during lunch time, to reach Orombai Island, where a third dive is scheduled. Night anchored in the Northwest of Aiduma.

Croisière plongée TritonBay RajaAmpat Liveaboard

Day 3 | Iris Strait and Little Komodo

Total navigation of the day: 1,5 hours  | 10 Miles 

Though there are different ways to dive Saruenus Island, The South-east part, with these submerged rocks (also called Little Komodo) is the most interesting. Little Komodo, riddled with dendronephthya and black coral bushes, is home to gangs of anthias, fusiliers and damsel fish. As the reef is pretty shallow, it suits snorkelers as well. Schools of fusiliers and surgeon fish are hovering around Bo’s Rainbow, while Christmas Rock is the best site for an afternoon dive. This rock is full of soft corals, sea fans and black coral bushes. Surgeon fish, plate-sized batfish, fusiliers, sweetlips and snappers gather in schools. The numerous coves of the area offer the perfect playground for non divers.  Night Anchored in the North west of Aiduma.

Croisière Plongée TritonBay RajaAmpat konjo cruising indonesia island cruise liveaboard scuba diving yacht charter luxury package whale shark misool liveaboard

Day 4: Dramai and Mauwara

Total navigation of the day: 3 Hours | 15 Miles

Last Frontier is probably one of the best dive site of the area. Schooling fish and pelagic are congregating around this ridge for some great action.  Batu Jeruk  is another great dive site of the area, where the fish action is outstanding. Non divers will enjoy pretty good snorkeling cessions as well. No diving this day in the afternoon, but a dinghy ride into the gorgeous maze of karstic rocks of Mauwara, and a little walk to an unforgettable lookout. A third dive could be organised at Deep Rock for the radical divers.

Night Anchored in Namatote. 

Scuba Diving Liveaboard Croisière Plongée TritonBay RajaAmpat whale shark requin baleine

Day 5 | Whale Sharks diving

Because we never get enough of these gentle giants with their Morse-code livery of dots and dashes, we will spend the morning with them again. In the afternoon we will go with the tenders to observe the rock paintings. And admire the beautiful sunset on the way to Sangalla Bay.

Full night Navigation to Sangalla Bay. 14 hours | 100 miles


whale sharks diving cruising indonesia west papua tikitiki waterfall rainforest Croisière Plongée TritonBay Raja Ampat

Day 6 | Sangalla Bay Waterfall

Starting with Mommoun Mount dive site. This seamount is located more than 6 miles away from the coasts and hosts a great pelagic action. Sangalla Bay, perfect for a second dive to look for small critters among the colorful soft coral. A must-see in the zone is the Sangalla Waterfall which directly flows into the sea. In the heart of primary forests and unattainable areas of West Papua, Mommoun is a nest to various species of birds such as toucan for instance.

Full Night navigation to the Pisang Islands.  16 hours | 100 miles


whale sharks diving liveaboard east indonesia Croisière Plongée TritonBay RajaAmpat white sand beach luxuriant vegetation remote

Day 7 | White Sand beaches and lush vegetation

Remotely located the archipelago of Pisang is deserted and virgin. Fine sandy beaches and lush vegetation are welcoming you. Pisang Islands are the perfect place to practice S.U.P. boarding, swimming and sipping some fresh coconuts. We will dive T-Bone and Lighthouse dive sites which are our big favorites in this area.

Full night navigation to Misool. 10 hours Navigation | 60 miles


misool diving liveaboard Croisière Plongée Halmahera Liveaboard oceanicmantaray cruisingrajaampat misool indonesia

Day 8 | Manta rays cleaning station in Misool

Total navigation of the day: 1 Hours | 6 Miles

Magic Mountain brings together all the best you can expect to see in Raja Ampat. Big eyes schooling jacks, bluefin and Giant trevallies, huge Napoleon wrasse, giant grouper, barracuda, all species of reef sharks, and the gorgeous oceanic manta rays. Gas Ridge is another great cleaning station for Oceanic and Alfredis Manta Rays. The peak of this underwater ridge stands at 13 meters beneath the surface.

After the second dive and snorkeling cession, the boat will anchor for the night close from the Ranger Station of Yiliet. For non divers, the whole afternoon will be spent swimming and relaxing along its gorgeous beach, surrounded by baby reef sharks. A true experience. The last dive of the day will be spend in Yiliet Kecil, perfectly oriented to catch the afternoon lights.


pygmy seahorse misool

Day 9 | Pygmy Seahorses and Schooling fish 

Total navigation of the day: 1 Hours | 6 Miles

Named after its tunnels and swimthrough, Boo Windows has a dramatic topography. Following the ridge heading west, you may see grey reef sharks, napoleon wrasse, schools of batfish but also ghost pipefish or leaf fish. The Fiabacet underwater ridge is linking Tank Rock and Nudi Rock dive sites. Probably the best place for snorkeling as well. It can be dived in so many ways that you could spend a whole day circumnavigating this fantastic reef. Wobbegong, groupers, yellow fins barracudas, grey reef sharks and thousands of fish…

The boat be anchored for the night close from the Ranger Station of Yilliet.

whale sharks diving

Day 10 | Mobula Ray and Caves

Total navigation of the day: 3 Hours | 18 Miles

Puri Pinnacle is an submerged reef which stands at 7 meters below the surface. Its three pinacles attract large schools of fusiliers, surgeon fish and hunting trevallies. Also called Anchovies, it can offer some spectacular mobula rays action.

Going North, the boat will anchor for the afternoon into the gorgeous Balbulol lagoon. His maze of Karstic rocks is a paradise for paddle and kayak lovers.  No contest, located in the gorgeous Balbulol area, is an underwater ridge made out of strangely shaped rocky outcrops. The last dive of the day will be spend around the Masker cavern of Balbulol.

Night anchored in Balbulol. 

whale sharks diving cruising and diving indonesia jellyfish lake misool

Day 11 | Farondi Cave and the Jellyfish Lake  

Total navigation of the day: 3 Hours | 18 Miles

Farondi Cave and Arch is one of Misool’s famous dive site. Divers start the dive swimming through a sumptuous arch covered with soft corals. They reach the cave after a nice drift along a curved wall, for an unforgettable safety stop. This site, full of giant gorgonians, hosts many pygmee sea horses. Non diver will enjoy a dinghy ride into the Farondi lagoon, and explore its natural land caves.

After what, we take you to a unique spot: Lenmakana Jellyfish Lake. After a short hike, you discover this remote place, home to thousands of unarmed golden medusa. Swim among them just with a snorkel and a mask. A last dinghy ride to watch the famous cave paintings will be organized to say goodbye.

Full night of Navigation back to Sorong

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to reach Triton Bay?

The embarkation port is Kaimana. The easiest way to reach it is to organize this travel plan:  Jakarta/Sorong(SOQ)/Kaimana(KNG). These flights are quite tiring this is why we recommend you to arrive the day before the departure of the whale sharks diving cruise in order to rest in one of the hotels of Sorong.

For international flights we do recommend Quatar Airways. This company works in collaboration with Garuda Airlines and operates direct domestic flights from Jakarta to Sorong (GA-682 | departure at 00h30am arrival at 06:35am). Batik Air can be trusted as well and provides flights on the same timeframe.

If you’d prefer arrive from Bali, you will have to transit through Makassar.  From Bali via Makassar we recommend the flight operated by Sriwijaya (SJ-726 ­| departure at 9:35pm arrival at 10:55pm at Makassar), Citilink or Lion Air. The only inconvenience for any flights, is that you will have to wait for the next flight at Makassar airport until 3am. During your transit at Makassar airport (UPG), seek for one of the two lounge rooms located respectively in front of the Gate 1 and the Gate 6. It will cost you around 10 € for an all-you-can-eat-and-drink buffet, and a comfortable seat.

You will land early morning in Sorong (SOQ) airport. From Makassar, Garuda and Batik Air operate the same kind of flights.

TheKaimana airport is only served by the WINGS AIR airline. To arrive on the 28th of April, take the flight IW-1522 at 7.30 am (landing at 08.50 am in Kaimana). Our team member will be there to welcome you, and takes you to the boat.

How to leave from Raja Ampat?

Our cruise will end in the little harbor of Sorong. You can directly flight back to Jakarta with Garuda, Batik Air or Air Asia.

To go back to Bali, the same company provides flights transiting through Makassar airport. If you leave in the morning, you will reach Bali late afternoon.

Domestic flights may be delayed and this is why we do advice you to schedule a night in Jakarta or Bali before your international flights.

We recommand you to stay in one of those hotel, as they are following the international standarts in terms of cleanliness and service.  We can help you with your reservation and organize evrerything for you.

MAMBERAMO MARINA: The closest from any supermarket and restaurants. Provides a good bar and restaurant considering the city of Sorong.

SWISS BEL HOTEL : The more comfortable hotel in town. Close form the ferry terminal for Waisai, but far from any restaurant. Correct breackfast, but avoid the dining. An extra charge will be added for early bookings.

VEGA HOTEL. The closer from the airport, and the more recently built. The best thing is that you can checkin anytime withour extra charge.

KASUARI BEACH RESORT: The fursthest from Town, but good to avoid the hectic harbour of Sorong. Free shuttle can be organized from the airport.

We highly recommand the SUNSHINE BEACH RESTO for a sunset drink on their terrasse, and a followed diner. They are specialize in seafood and fish barbecue, but offer many vegetarian option too. Their Chap-Chay is delicious. Come a bit early if you want to avoid the cheezy and loudy local band, or late to blend in with the local color.

For a coffee and some good snaks before your flight, we do recommand the MISOOL FILLING STATION handle by the Misool Eco resort. Go upstairs to be comfortably  seatted, and have a look to their sustainably-made souvenirs.

Misool offers a good visibility at this time of the year. It can reach 30 meters with an average water temperature around 28-30 degrees.

In Triton Bay, The visibility is always a bit lower. There is many rivers flowing into the bays. In case of heavy rain it can affect the visibility. Anyway Triton Bay host some of the richest waters in Indonesia. The quality of the soft coral reefs, and the fertile ground of the bay, involve unfortunately a lower visibity. Our last visits of the area, which were always during the month of April, we always had an average of 15-20 meters visibility.  Water temperature was similar to Raja Ampat in April.

Yes. But there is a limited amount of Nitrox filling available. If you want a fullboard Nitrox, please let us know during your reservation.

This whale sharks diving cruise is open to Advanced open water certified divers with a minimum of 50 dives), and snorkellers. Some Discover Scuba Diving dives could be organized in case of special request. No diving courses will be provided.

Diving an average of 3 times a day during 11 days is not the best for experimenting decompression dives. Also, Triton Bay is an remote area, with the closest decompression chamber is in Waisai, Raja Ampat. We respect the recreationnal diving basic rules for having a safe and enjoyable journey.