4 Cabins | 8 Passengers | 80 Feets


Liveaboard diving Komodo on the traditional Pinisi Wunderpus with Konjo Cruising Indonesia. Worldwide divers are all looking for a boat offering good value for money to explore the Komodo National Park. The challenge lies in finding the rare gem that offers the services of experienced dive masters, good cooks, and satisfactory comfort on board. However, many boats now operate in the area between Flores and Sumbawa, and it starts to be difficult to make a choice. Accommodating up to 8 adults in 4 cabins, Wunderpus lets you discover the best diving sites in the area for a Komodo diving cruise in complete serenity.

diving liveaboard Komodo islands Wunderpus bow

Liveaboard diving Komodo

A true diving boat

The diving liveaboard Wunderpus was built in 2014 based on the traditional Indonesian Pinisi model. Designed by a diver for divers, it offers all the necessary infrastructure for a successful diving trip. The diving deck is located at the rear of the boat. It is equipped with meticulously maintained rental equipment, a compressor (BAUER BE 200) providing quality air, and 12-liter aluminum tanks. The dinghy is also perfectly suited to the needs of divers, powered by two 40-horsepower outboard motors.

Komodo Diving Cruise in Complete Safety

The Komodo National Park can be subject to powerful currents, especially after the new or full moon. The dive guides on the Wunderpus have all completed hundreds of dives in the area and are thoroughly familiar with the best diving sites in Komodo. Rest assured, they will plan the schedule according to the tides and conditions, adapting to each diver’s level. A 1/4 ratio is maintained on board. A detailed briefing will be provided before each dive. If you would like personalized supervision, please do not hesitate to let us know.


Komodo high and low season

The Komodo National Park is becoming increasingly popular between June and September! Being on a diving liveaboard allows you to be the first on site. The cruise director of Wunderpus will make every effort to avoid the most popular sites during peak hours. If you wish to experience Komodo in the low season, or cruise the national park differently with Konjo, join our South Komodo diving expedition on the Wunderpus from December 4 to 11, 2024.

A Simple and Comfortable Boat

Friendly Komodo Diving Liveaboard

For some divers trying their first liveaboard experience, it’s natural to wonder if they can handle spending a week in close quarters with strangers. Wunderpus offers ample space to share your passion with other divers while maintaining a minimum level of privacy.

Choosing a friendly Komodo diving liveaboard like Wunderpus ensures a comfortable and enjoyable experience. A simple yet comfortable boat provides the perfect balance of social interaction and personal space, making it ideal for both seasoned divers and those new to liveaboard diving. Explore the wonders of Komodo National Park with us and enjoy the convenience and camaraderie of a well-designed liveaboard diving trip.

Short Komodo Diving Liveaboard and Private Charters

Don’t want your trip to Indonesia to be limited to just a Komodo diving liveaboard? Wunderpus offers short liveaboard cruises (from 3 to 5 days) during the high season. This allows you to choose the format that suits you best and integrate it into a stay in Bali or the Gili Islands. For longer durations, you might consider private charters, with cruises lasting up to 10 days. Contact us to create your ideal Komodo diving liveaboard experience.

Whether you’re looking for a brief adventure or an extended exploration, Wunderpus has options to fit your schedule. Enjoy the flexibility of short Komodo diving liveaboards or the exclusivity of private charters to make the most of your Indonesian vacation.


Comfortable Cabins

Wunderpus features two cabins with a large King Size bed and two cabins with one double bed and one bunk bed. Each cabin has its own private bathroom with hot water and is fully air-conditioned.

Seasoned liveaboard divers often note that these boats can be quite noisy, with a constant background hum accompanying their activities. It’s a rare pleasure to turn off the generator during sunset. Wunderpus is equipped with a battery system and inverter, allowing essential electrical installations to remain operational without the noise of a generator.

Enjoy the comfort and tranquility of our well-designed cabins on the Wunderpus liveaboard, ensuring a restful and pleasant Komodo diving liveaboard experience.

Authentic Indonesian Cuisine

Enjoy three meals a day prepared by Wunderpus chef, featuring a delightful blend of Indonesian flavors.

Start your day with a hearty breakfast including eggs, fruits, toast, and jams after the first dive. For lunch and dinner, indulge in a fusion cuisine with Asian influences that will delight your taste buds. Throughout the day, fresh fruits and snacks are regularly available to keep you energized.

Wunderpus dining experience is set outdoors, providing a refreshing atmosphere. Alternatively, you can retreat to the air-conditioned dining area during the hotter hours of the day for added comfort.

Experience the essence of Indonesian culinary delights aboard the Wunderpus liveaboard, complementing your unforgettable Komodo diving adventure.


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