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Land based and Sea Travel

Compatible Experiences

Some people don’t want to spend their whole holidays on a boat, and would rather have a combined travel.  Bali Indonesia Tour offers an endless panel of options for us to draw your custom flawless tour. Planning a voyage at sea is not incompatible with a resort experience. No choice needs to be made, as we propose you to split your vacation time as you wish. Considering your holidays in this flexible way will match with any kind of traveler.


Sample Combined Tour

For Scuba divers, spending 10 nights on a diving liveaboard exploring the Banda Sea gives you access to the uncharted reef and isolated islets only reachable by boat. But as you are encompassing a larger area, you won’t have enough time to experiment with the whole range of dive sites that you can find around Alor or Ambon. You could decide to add a stay in a resort, before or after your crossing, for a more exhaustive local exploration. Our Hammerhead Quest 2021 is a good example of a combined tour we can arrange for you.

Resort or Villa

Even if our trusted vessels’ partners have multiples private areas at your disposal, an experience at sea is still a community experience. Few days in a remote resort could be a good way to end your cruise before going back home. Renting a luxury villa for your family in Bali right before you fly back is also an option we provide to our valuable guests. Beaches, fine dining tables, and plenty of activities for kids and adults are possible on the island of the gods or any other islands of the archipelago. Your Bali Indonesia Tour is only limited by our creativity.